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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Welcome and Background to OII [Nash]

Welcome to the OII! First session this morning was an introduction to the Institute by Vicki Nash: overview of the centre, important people contacts, printing, admin, paperwork, and some general housekeeping.

All OII'ers were subsequently admitted to Oxford's Bodleian Library. Now, at my local council run library, you rock up with ID and proof of address, get your laminated library card, and all is well. Not for this 400+ year old library. A short talk about the libraries history, followed by confirmation by passport as ID, a short pledge to a librarian in full gown (inlcuding that I will 'not kindle fire' in the library!), and a laminated card complete with photo. Also, there is no borrowing, a 17th century legacy from Sir Thomas Bodley himself - all library contents are to remain onsite, thus I am a Bodleian Reader for the duration of my stay at Oxford.

My main task for the Bodleian? To find publications on the history and practice of genealogy: ancient and musty manuscripts that would not be available in Australia. How exciting!


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