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Monday, July 12, 2004


24 hours, one tube ride, four airplane meals, three in-flight movies and four bottles of water later ... I'm here. London. England. And two days away from a bus ride to Oxford.

It has now dawned on me that I will be attending summer school at Oxford University. The Oxford University. A cold hard fact that lovely Heathrow immigration officer Claudia is aware of - information she became privy to during our lengthy 'chat' as she toyed with letting me into England, or sending me packing on another 24 hour flight home. Phew! ... they let me in :)

Fellow OII-er Jean leaves my home town of Brisbane today, to join me and other budding summer schoolers from all corners of the globe. Jean hopes for sun and summer. And I'm about to dissappoint her: its overcast and a very cool 13c. I shall now do my bring-on-the-sun-cause-it's-summer dance ... (and remind you, reader, that I'm very jetlagged).


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