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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Community Media [Jankowski]

Searching for specific details on IndyMedia on various search engines around the world, as a case for general academic search strategies, was the basis of a second session by Nick Jankowski.  The session was informal, and led to alot of discussion, therefore I did not take a considerable amount of notes.

Databases: Web Of Science, Lexis Nexis (subscription), Sociological Abstracts; JSTORE, search for topic + PDF in google.com search query

With regard to learning how to better search for material, some suggestions were:

  • Consult a Senior Librarian
  • Learn how to search specific databases
  • Learn what databases are the top ones for your topic/discipline
  • Look at researchers and research institutions in your topic/discipline 

I found Nick's presentation on an exploratory study of IndyMedia websites interesting for an entirely different reason however.  That is, I can consider the way he explored the data when exploring genealogical websites in my PhD. 

  • Qualitative description of websites
          - Editorial policy?
          - Publishing frequency?
          - Table that summaries the features
                  - Multimedia
                  - Interactive
                  - Editorial policy
                  - Special features
  • Quantitative content analysis of websites


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